Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese star of Manchester United, scored a hat-trick in the English Premier League (EPL) on Saturday. As a result, he is receiving 8 lakh 50 thousand pounds, in Bangladeshi rupees, which amounts to about 96 lakh rupees. News Spanish media marker.


Marca says Ronaldo is receiving a 850,000 bonus for touching the 20-goal milestone in the English Premier League this season. He will get 1 lakh pounds more due to hat trick. At the end of the season he will get another 1 million pounds for every goal he scores. In other words, he has the opportunity to put a large amount of money in his pocket.

took the lead in the first 6 minutes of the match against Norwich on Saturday (April 17), the 36-year-old Portuguese star. Elanga enters the opponent’s D-box with the ball and increases the ball for Ronaldo. Ronaldo did not miss the opportunity to get the ball in position. In the 32nd minute of the match, Ronaldo wrapped the ball in the net of Norwich for the second time. This time he was assisted by Alex Tales. Before the break, Kieran Dowell reduced the gap by wrapping the ball in the net of ManU. However, there was some relief in the Red Devils’ camp as they were still in the lead.

He snatched Norwich’s Timu Pukki in the 52nd minute of the match. With the return to parity, the fear of loss arises again in Manchester United. Until the 75th minute of the match, however, it seemed that Ralph Rangnik’s disciples were going to lose points. But the irresistible Ronaldo is reluctant to accept the rate.

caught the ball in the net with a great shot from a free kick in the 6th minute of the match against his opponent Marseille. Norwich’s goalkeeper couldn’t catch the ball gloves by raising his hand. Holding the last lead, United left the field with a 3-2 victory.

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