The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has confirmed that media reports that a written complaint has been lodged with the ICC over umpiring and sledging are not true. The Bangladesh team said, “Everything contained in the captain’s report has been done in accordance with the normal procedure.

The sledging of the hosts has given rise to a bigger discussion than the rate of Bangladesh in Durban against South Africa. There are also complaints about the role of umpires in the same match. Jalal Yunus, head of the BCB’s cricket management division, confirmed to Cricinfo on Monday (April 4th) that he had formally complained to the ICC, the governing body of cricket, about the irregularities in the Durban Test.

In this regard, Jalal Yunus said, “We have already complained about the umpiring of the ODI series.” In the beginning, the match referee also misbehaved with our manager Nafis Iqbal, but after receiving a written complaint, he softened. We will also make a formal complaint about this test match. But this time the opposite tune was heard. 

Earlier, in the first match of the series, Bangladesh captain Mominul Haque said that he was abused by the cricketers of the host team. In this regard, Muminul said, sledging is done in the field. There will be sledging, that’s normal. If sledging occasionally goes to the place of abuse, then it is very bad. I think they were abusing me, very badly. I don’t think the umpire noticed things that way.

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“When Joy went to bat, they surrounded him,” he said. Saying something. He could not say anything in reply that he was a junior player. It’s reprehensible. However, whenever we complained to the umpires about sledging, the umpires warned our players instead of controlling the situation.

He then added, of course there was sledging on both sides, but they started it. We have also complained to the umpires. This is not acceptable. We protest this. We have to accept the decision of the umpire, but of course the ICC should bring back the neutral umpire.

and demanded the return of a neutral umpire. I think the ICC should think about it. Neutral umpiring should be brought back. As it was before Kovid. Not because of Kovid. Now Kovid is in control. Not just in this series, but in many series.

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