Cristiano Ronaldo has repeatedly been involved in his career. From the beginning of his career as a lover, he has fallen in love with many women. However, the brightest time of his career was when he was spending time in the jersey of Real Madrid. Georgina’s relationship with Ronaldo, who has had relationships with high profile women throughout her career, came as a surprise to many. Georgina is not a high profile woman like the rest of Ronaldo’s girlfriends. Georgina is taking care of Ronaldo’s children. For that, Ronaldo also gives Georgina a certain amount of honor every month.

Ordinary people are not less interested to know the life news of the wives of the stars. People are especially interested in Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Hernandez, one of the most popular stars in the world of sports. That’s why Marca has recently published Georgina Hernandez’s income-expenditure account.

Georgina has numerous fans around the world as the life partner of five-time Ballon d’Or-winning Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The two of them have huge fanbase on social media. As a social media influencer, Georgina earns a huge amount of money from advertising various products.

As a model ambassador of different brands, Influencer Georgina’s monthly income is 6,000 Euros or about 8.5 million rupees. However, this is not his only income.

According to the Spanish TV show Viva La Vidar, Ronaldo transfers about 100,000 euros per month to Georgina’s bank account. This money he pays mainly for his personal expenses and for the care of the children. Georgina takes care of her children when Ronaldo is out.

Georgina recently released a documentary on Netflix about her daily life. It shows how she simultaneously acts as a mother, a businessman, a partner and an influencer.

Georgina’s family turmoil

Viva La Vida brings Georgina’s previous life to the same event. They went to Zara, Georgina’s hometown in the state of Aragon. There people reveal a bitter truth. Georgina did not attend her grandmother’s funeral.

In January, Georgina’s uncle, Jesus Hernandez, told The Sun about Georgina’s treatment of the family: Because, our life is not luxurious. I never want anything from him. When we found out he was dating Ronaldo, maybe he called me once or twice. ‘

He added: ‘I was in charge of Georgina and her sister. I would buy their clothes and pay for their water and electricity. I did everything. Georgina lived with me in her teens, until my niece sent them to Argentina. ‘

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