Mbappe is living in Paris? This question has been all over Europe since PSG bought him in 2016. Despite going to Paris, the French star has dreamed of playing for Real Madrid one day. Mbopp’s contract with PSG expires in June. It has been rumored for two seasons that Mbopp’s contract with Los Blancos is almost complete, and he will leave Paris for the Spanish capital in July 2022. But this drama is not going to end so easily. The latest news is that the French president himself is now interfering in the transfer of Mbappe. French President Emmanuel Emanuel Macro has asked Mbabane not to leave Paris for Madrid. Meanwhile, the Emir of Qatar also wants to keep Mbappe at any cost in the Qatari owned club. The news was given by the journalist Romain Molina who kept the news of the pot of French football.

In 2016, PSG borrowed Mbappe from another French club, Monaco. The following season, the French giants bought him. Meanwhile, Spanish giants Real Madrid were also keeping an eye on Mbappe. Real Madrid President Florentino Perez’s dream project that France’s World Cup winning star is also. So since then, Los Blancos have been trying to bring him to Real Madrid.

Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain is coming to an end in June. The question now is whether to stay in Paris or move to Madrid after renewing his contract with Mbappe.

Although he has not renewed his contract with PSG, Mbappe is not saying anything about leaving the team. On the contrary, what Mbappe, who scored a pair of goals in the last match of League One, said may inspire hope in the minds of PSG fans.

‘I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking. We have to think about many new things. I don’t want to make a mistake. ‘

Many have raised the issue of remuneration as the reason behind not renewing the contract for so long. A few days ago, the French media Le’kip reported that Neymar is the highest paid player in the PSG. Then Messi on salary, then Mbappe. Many people thought that not getting a decent salary in PSG was an obstacle to renewing the contract.

However, Le Kip recently said that Mbappe would be the highest paid footballer in the league if PSG owner Qatar Sports Management Group offered a new salary. PSG wants to pay Mbappe 1 million euros a week. Besides, PSG wants to form a team centered on Mbappe to win the Champions League. Besides, there is an offer of captaincy.

However, after swallowing such a tempting bait, the question remains whether Mbappe will stay in PSG or not. However, the club PSG wants to stop him, he is on the list of French President Emmanuel Macron himself. Journalist Romain Molina says that Macron specifically requested that Mbappe stay in Paris. Despite his busy schedule with the election, he is always on the lookout for the issue of Mbopp’s defection.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The final act of this drama is being picked up until the summer shift at the end of the season.              

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