Ronaldo’s first-round teammate at Manchester United and Red Devil legend Wayne Rooney has opened his mouth about Ronaldo’s English league comeback. He thinks Ronaldo’s signing has failed to bring success for Manchester United. Rooney is of the opinion that Ronaldo’s transfer did not work for Manchester United. Ronaldo returns to Manchester in 2021 after failing in the Champions League mission for Juventus. However, in the second round, Ronaldo could not fulfill that expectation for the team.

Rooney says Ronaldo, 36, is still the main source of goals for the Red Devils. But Rooney thinks Manchester United need young faces who are hungry for goals.

At the Sky Sports event, Rooney was asked if Ronaldo’s signing had worked. Rooney replied, ‘You can say in a moment without thinking – no!

Rooney argued, ‘He scored, all the important goals in the Champions League in the beginning. He has scored a hat-trick against Tottenham, but if you look at the future of the club, you must go ahead with the youngsters, all the hungry players who will be the best for Man United in the next two or three years. “

Rooney was further asked on the occasion, which youngsters from Manchester can lead Manchester United in the future? ‘His brain works faster than any other human’

Rooney says there are a few who can lead the team forward if given the chance. “They have good young players,” Rooney said. Sancho will do something better in the time to come. Marcus (Rashford) will probably do well up front.

Rooney added: “I think Jesse Lingard is a very important player because he brings positive energy and quality. Scott is doing well at McTomin, so it can be said that they have got good young players. All they need to do is give these players confidence, give them confidence – they are good players and they can play at a better level. “

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“The new manager is coming, whatever he is, I’m sure he will bring his own players to help this group.” – Rooney said.

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