Justin Lee Price, a British teenager, has been sentenced to six weeks in prison for making offensive remarks to Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford on social media.

Rashford, Sancho and Bucayo Sacco missed out on a tiebreaker against Italy in last year’s Euro final. The Azzurri won the title by defeating the Three Lions in that match. After the match, Justin Lee made offensive comments on Twitter about Rashford for missing a penalty.

Lee Price Gayle, 19, admitted to sending offensive messages on social media during a March 18 hearing in Worcester Magistrates’ Court. According to the CPS, Kidderminster’s court sentenced Lee Price for his crime. 

In the beginning, Price tried to hide his guilt. He wanted to change the name of his Twitter account. But for the second time, Lee confessed to the crime to the police.

“Price targeted a footballer based on his skin color and his actions are clearly racist and hate crime,” said Mark Johnson, senior Crown prosecutor at West Midlands CPS.

added, ‘Those who racially abuse footballers ruin the players’ game. I hope this case sends a message to all that we will not tolerate racism, and that the perpetrators will be brought to justice. “

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