With the upcoming World Cup in Qatar looming, the 2022 FIFA Congress is being held in Doha. This year’s Congress had the active participation of representatives of different countries of the world as well as red and green. The discussed issues of global football will also play a groundbreaking role in the country’s football, this is the expectation of the Bangladesh representatives. Meanwhile, FIFA President Gianni Infantino has voiced issues such as the establishment of human rights, including a call for an end to war for world peace.


All the arrangements for the upcoming Qatar World Cup are being completed through one formality after another. In continuation of this, the 72nd session of FIFA Congress was held in Doha today. This year’s FIFA Congress, organized with the participation of 32 countries of the world, has come up with various contexts of world football.

The FIFA president’s call for world peace was aimed at bringing together world leaders to end the epidemic. The president of the highest governing body of football is also hoping that through which the restructuring of football will be possible.

Representatives of Bangladesh were also present at this year’s Congress. Led by BFF Co-President Ataur Rahman Manik, General Secretary Abu Naim Sohag and FIFA Council Member Mahfuza Akter Kiran. They also had the potential to keep pace with the world.

The decisions on global football development discussed at the FIFA Congress will play an important role in Bangladesh’s regional football. The expectation is that the decision based on global football will be able to have a positive impact on domestic football.

, meanwhile, have been voiced by the FIFA president, calling for an end to Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. Here comes the important decision on the football field, including the issue of ensuring human rights in the Middle East, and the promise to create a history of unity by uniting the world.

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