We still miss Lionel Messi a lot. When he returns, I will welcome him and hand him the captain’s ‘armband’. The words were spoken by Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets.

Long 21 year relationship with that club. Messi wanted to spend the rest of his career at the club where he is the poet of hundreds of poems behind becoming ‘Barcelona’. But last season, the Argentine football magician reluctantly left his favorite club and moved to PSG. However, after going to Paris, he said, he wants to go back to his favorite Camp Nou.

“I always miss him,” Sergio Busquets said in an interview with Catalan radio network Rack One. I’m sure she misses me too. What he did for the club, no one else could do. Barcelona will remember him even after a thousand years.

“It was a difficult moment for us,” Busquets said of Messi’s departure from Barাa. We couldn’t believe it. We are here. She is not there. I couldn’t believe it. It was tough for him too, new city new team even new everything.

, referring to Messi’s return to Barcelona. But I know it’s hard. Since he is now contracted elsewhere. However, the Barca captain also said the way back.

Sergio Busquets said that if Barca coach Xavi Hernandez calls him (Messi), then it is possible. I’ll give her back her armband when she returns. Respect and reverence to him always. 

Meanwhile, there have been rumors for a long time that Messi may return to Barcelona. However, the president of Barcelona Juan Laporta himself poured water on that buzz.

In an interview with RAC One, Laporta said there was no communication at the moment. I didn’t even talk to him. There was no personal contact. She is in Paris. But I still remember him fondly. I know what is being said but have not spoken to him.

However, he did not receive any message to bring him back to the team. And they have no plans to bring him to the team. “I have heard comments from people close to me,” Laporta said. There was no word on his return from Messi or anyone around him. The truth is that at the moment we are not even considering anything like that.

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