Egypt lost to Senegal in a tiebreaker in the AFCON Cup final. That tiebreaker again in the World Cup qualifiers. Repeat the same again. Sadio Mane’s Senegal confirmed Mohamed Salah’s ticket to Qatar by crying Egypt.

Egypt failed to qualify for the World Cup after losing 1-3 to Senegal in a tiebreaker in the second leg of the World Cup qualifiers. Egyptian football magician Mohamed Salah missed the penalty. And so the Liverpool winger is not coming down after the boot in the World Cup.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian star footballer hinted that he is going to retire from international football soon after the World Cup dream was shattered. International media including Khabar

“I am proud and honored to play with you,” said Salah, a 29-year-old teammate in the dressing room after the disappointing loss to Senegal. Maybe in the future I can stay here or not. ‘

Addressing his teammates, he said, “I have played with many footballers of the previous generation, including Weil Goma and Mohammad Abu Tarika.” I also played with Abdullah Abu Saeed and his generation. But I am happiest with the current team and generation.

Salah wins 1-0 in first leg of Senegal World Cup play-offs in World Cup Egypt won in Cairo by a suicide goal from Senegal’s Salue Sis. On 29 March, Senegal went ahead with a goal from Egypt’s Hamid Fatih. The Egyptian midfielder scored a goal in his own net. After that goal in the 4th minute, neither team was able to score any more goals. The game ended in a goalless draw.

Senegal put the ball on the crossbar in the first shot of the penalty shootout. Mohamed Salah failed to seize the opportunity to move forward. Egypt failed to score in the second and fourth shots. However, Senegal burst into cheers after scoring two goals in a row. This means that in the final round of Salah Duel, the final winner is Saadi.

However, an unexpected controversy arose during the match. When Mohamed Salah of Egypt went to take a penalty shot, Senegalese supporters fired a green laser light at his face from the gallery.

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