Qatar World Cup draw will be held on Friday. Various events are underway in Qatar to commemorate this wonderful event at the Doha Exhibition Center. The Middle Eastern country wants to extend the invitation to the World Cup to the whole world by successfully organizing the draw. Nasser Al Khattar, chief executive of the organizing committee, said. Representatives of the participating countries were happy to take part in the football festival in Doha. Meanwhile, Canada wants to use the lessons learned from hosting the Qatar World Cup in the next edition.

Red-blue-green. The streets of Dohar are covered with colorful flags. The festivities seem to be a bit more between the teams that got tickets for the main event of the World Cup at the last minute. The flags of the countries are flying in the streets of Qatar after crossing the difficult hurdle of selection. It seems that the main stage of the World Cup will have to fly in this way with the performance of Daputa. Canada, Portugal, Poland, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Ghana, Ecuador and Cameroon. In the eyes of the representatives of the countries participating in the flag festival, it is like the joy of world victory.

‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is officially coming out on November 21. There were so many ups and downs and so much uncertainty that JK sat in Qatar hosting the World Cup. But after overcoming all the obstacles, the organizers are now waiting for the main stage. The draw for the World Cup will be held in Doha on Friday. In the meantime, 29 out of 32 teams have been confirmed. There are three teams left. They will have to wait until the June 14 intercontinental play-off round.

This complication is due to the Ukraine-Russia war. However, these minor issues will not be an obstacle in the main arrangement. Qatar wants to extend the World Cup invitation to everyone with the successful organization of the draw.

“The draw for the FIFA World Cup is the most important event,” said Nasser al-Khattar, chief executive of the Qatar World Cup organizing committee. We have completed all the preparations for the successful organization. Even if there is a draw with 29 teams, there will be no problem. Everyone is invited to the Qatar World Cup. Hopefully, with this World Cup, I will be able to surpass Russia’s arrangement. ‘

Canada, qualifying for the World Cup for the second time in 36 years, took the festival as a stage for an educational tour before the draw in Qatar. Because they will host the 2026 World Cup jointly with Mexico and the United States.

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“I am very happy to be here,” said Stephanie McCullum, Canada’s ambassador to Qatar . Doha is my second city. Looking forward to seeing the draw. I don’t know which group we will have a place in. However, the team that will play in the World Cup is a big achievement for us. The next event will be hosted by Canada. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about hosting the World Cup in Qatar. Which will come in handy in preparing for the next event. In addition, everyone is fascinated by the friendly organization of Qatar.

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