Brazil last topped the FIFA rankings in August 2016. After almost four and a half years, the team, known as the international football superpower, has regained the top spot.

An update released on Thursday (March 31) shows that Brazil has risen to number one with 1632.69 points. Belgium dropped to number two with 1626 points. The position of any other team in the top eight has not changed. France is third, Argentina fourth, England fifth, Italy sixth, Spain seventh and Portugal eighth.

The reason behind this improvement of Brazil is the great performance in the selection of the World Cup. They have won the Conmebol region qualifiers by a wide margin. After beating Chile 4-0 in the first match, they also won the second match 4-0 against Bolivia on Wednesday (March 29). Richardson, Lucas Pacquiao and Bruno Guimeres were caught in the net for Brazil at the Estadio Hernando Stadium in Bolivia. Richardson scored a pair of goals.

Celesao’s biggest star Neymar was not on the field in the match against Bolivia. However, the visiting team went ahead in 24 minutes. In the solo move, Bruno Guimeres passed the ball to the opponent. Lucas Pakueta scored with that pass. The second goal came in the last minute of the first half due to a misunderstanding of the Bolivian defense. Ajax player Anthony crosses from the right edge to the unprotected Richardson. Everton forward did not make a mistake to score from that.

Arsenal star Gabriel Martinelli showed some great dribbling and skill moves in the match. The first goal was not scored as the luck was not good even after approaching the goal twice. Bruno Guimares scored the third goal for Brazil. The midfielder scored in the 7th minute with a great volley from inside the box. This is the first goal of the Newcastle United star for the country.

Bolivian forward Henry Vasa failed to score despite having a good chance to score in the first half. He went close to the goal twice but did not get any more goals. Brazil goalkeeper Alison also made some good saves. Richardson scored his second and the team’s fourth goal in the final moments of the game. He scored the goal in the first minute of injury time.

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