The 9 of Real Madrid nailed a hat-trick in 17 minutes, turned the result and the series around and took Leo and Pochettino’s team out of the Champions League. The Merengue, quarters!

Match! An early final in the round of 16 of the Champions League. Football at its finest for the world to enjoy, minus the Paris Saint-Germain fans . How do you explain this new elimination, this new frustration, of the French team? It is explained in the hierarchy of Real Madrid. In the badge of the King of Europe. In the Karim Benzema category. In the Innocence of Gianluigi Donnarumma . An error by the Italian goalkeeper revived Merengue and, in 17 minutes, took away the illusions of a pale PSG of Lionel Messi and Mauricio Pochettino , who could not take advantage of his moment and will watch the final in Paris on television. Madrid, to quarters!

At this time it makes no sense to analyze the game from end to end (or the 180 minutes), when specific failures tipped the balance . It is that after overcoming the initial pressure of the premises, which did not reach the first quarter of an hour, PSG seemed to have controlled the series. Backed by 1-0 in the first leg, he took the ball from the rival and, from the Verratti-Paredes-Messi triangle, the sharp clearances of Neymar, and the speed of Mbappé, they began to savor the classification.

After the 1-0 was annulled well (there was Nuno Mendes offside in the center), the French 7 defined with category : Ney started him running from his own field, David Alaba showed him the gap, Thibaut Courtois did not shrink and Kylian He opened his right foot and hit the ball powerfully, so that it entered the near post. The 1,500 fans of Paris Saint-Germain, in a high corner of the new Santiago Bernabéu, exploded in a cry of but (goal, in French). The 80,000 of Real Madrid are speechless and wondered: why didn’t we make the effort to bring it to the start of the season? Or why do we applaud him, if he already holed us in the first leg and does it again?

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