They are all Brazilian footballers. Playing in the league of Ukraine. But who knew it would all stop suddenly. You have to leave the game in your own country for fear of the unknown! In the end it had to be done. There are no signs that the conflict will stop. On the contrary, Russia’s attack on Ukraine is increasing day by day.

One of these footballers is Marlon Santos. He was playing for Shakhtar Donetsk. He returned to Kiev on February 20 after a mid-season preparation camp in Turkey. Four days later, Russia invaded the Eastern European country. And now he is back in his native Brazil.

Ukraine’s leagues have been suspended due to the Russian attack. No one can say when it will be launched. Because, first the war must end. Then you have to start all over again. There are no signs of an end to the war. The same story of his 11 fellow Brazilian footballers in Shakhtar. They too have returned with nightmares.

Marlon Santos interviewed the Spanish daily Mundo Deportivo last Thursday while in a bunker in the basement of his hotel in Kiev. The former Barcelona defender said: “There is only one word to describe the situation. And that is chaos. ‘ It was not enough to find shelter there to escape the bombs and artillery. In the end, they were able to leave Ukraine with the help of UEFA.

“We’re safe at the hotel,” Marlon said. But a solution is needed. A very bad situation here, we are afraid. Our family, children, companions and my mother-in-law are also here. We want to go to a safe place. ‘ While in the bunker, his voice was ringing.

Five days later, the plane carrying them landed at Rio de Janeiro’s Galiao Airport. But the journey from Kiev to Rio was not easy for these footballers.

At first I stayed in the hotel bunker for two days. From there, they boarded a train to Chernyvsky in southwestern Ukraine. He hung the Brazilian flag outside the car window for safety along the way. As if both sides in the war understand that they are neutral. Moldova then took a bus from Chernivtsi. From there to Romania and by air to Rio de Janeiro’s Galiao Airport. Along the way, they were assisted by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry and UEFA.

Marlon expressed his gratitude for this. Describing the journey, he said, “I was afraid to fall in front of the army at every moment. There was a desperate feeling of getting rid of this situation in a short time. Shells are falling all around, bombs are exploding. It’s like a nightmare! ‘

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