Lionel Messi is now in PSG at the end of Barcelona chapter. The address of the city has also changed with the club. However, the Argentine football magician is still in Barcelona.

Despite a 21-year break with club Bar্সa, Messi is under contract with a number of Catalan agencies. And so he still has a vocal presence on many billboards along the way.

Recently, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the local hard rock cafe in Spain, a new giant billboard was pasted by Messi. So that it can be seen that the world’s best footballer is sitting in the royal chair with the golden ball in his hand. Put a guitar next to it.

According to the football site Marca, the fans have lost the real Messi and the Messi of the poster. There is always a commotion in front of that giant billboard.

Meanwhile, Barca’s players still do not have the courage to wear the number 10 jersey used by Messi. After Messi left the club, his memorable number 10 jersey was to be worn by Philippe Coutinho. There were rumors in the media about this too. But the Brazilian forward was seen playing in his previous number 14 jersey on Sunday (August 29) after recovering from an injury.
Meanwhile, Barদa fans want Nick to choose Messi’s number 10 jersey from Pedri and Ansu Fetti, two young Turks. According to them, the future of Barcelona should be one of these two stars.

Although Messi’s historic jersey means wearing it, in Messi’s absence he has to shoulder the responsibility. Because Messi is the best player of all time for Bar্সa. And so football works a different kind of insanity around everything this magician does. And who wants to handle this pressure!

Gerard Pique, Jorge Aguero and Dumbelera have been ruled out due to injuries, while Eric Gracia is also under suspension. So they also have no way to take the number 10 jersey.

On the other hand, without Messi, Barাa stumbled in the beginning but turned around. The Catalans beat Getafe 2-1 on Sunday (August 29). Barcelona were desperate for a win against Getafe at the Nou Camp to regain their place in the points table. Sergei Roberto, a symbol of dependence, did not disappoint Koman. He led the team with a goal with the help of Jordi Alba.

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