After Lionel Messi’s departure from Barcelona, ​​coach Ronald Koeman also lost his forehead. He lost his job due to the misery of the club. However, he has not opened his mouth in front of the media for so many days since his dismissal. But this time the Dutch coach broke the silence.

Messi, the club’s best star, pointed a finger at Barcelona for leaving. According to Venezuela-based MSc Football, Ronald Koeman said in a recent interview with Dutch newspaper Eljimin Dougblad that the club had decided to release a number of footballers to alleviate the economic woes. I also agreed with the decision of the club.

But when I saw that the contract with the star footballer like Lionel Messi was not renewed due to financial crisis. But it was not surprising that Torres, who returned with a bigger sum after his departure, was included in the squad. The question is, then, why Messi was released?

Meanwhile, the current Barাa coach, Xavi Hernandez, pointed out that he had to run the club with injured footballers in his time. But now he (Ukraine) is getting a chance to sort out the team with fresh footballers.

Messi’s father also thinks that the president of Barcelona has cheated with them before. Otherwise, his son could still stay at the Catalan club. Then the story would not have been written so big and miserable! However, in order to get Messi back, Barca will have to lose a lot of money. Because he has a contract with the French club by 2023.

Messi became a free agent on July 1 last year. But leaving his team was unbelievable. On 5 August, it was announced that Messi would not be staying at Bar্সa. Five days later, he signed a contract with PSG. The Parisian club will pay him around ১ 41 million a year. While the Barcelona fans were stubborn, they were not at all ready to see their favorite footballer in another club’s jersey. But to reality that everything is trivial!

After the fall of a star named Messi, Barcelona seems to have fallen! Apart from being knocked out of the Champions League, the Catalan club has also been eliminated from the Copa del Rey or the Spanish Super Cup. On the other hand, Lionel Messi, who settled in PSG at the same stage. The Argentine superstar seems to have lost himself since moving to Paris.

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