KingoBD Sports is a famous name for cricket lovers in Bangladesh. Most Bangladeshi people who use Facebook to watch live cricket matches must be aware of KingoBD Sports.

It’s because Kingobd Sports regularly broadcast live matches of Bangladesh on Facebook. While it’s an illegal way to broadcast the matches but helps the viewers who usually use their smartphones to watch cricket matches.

What is Kingobd Sports Live App?

However, most Bangladeshi Cricket Lovers heard/know about Kingobd Sports from Facebook because Kingobd Sports broadcasts live matches of Bangladesh through their Facebook pages.

But they also have an application called Kingobd Sports Live App which broadcasts live cricket matches. It’s a mobile-friendly application and is mostly workable only for Bangladeshi persons.

And using the Kingobd Sports Live APK, Bangladeshi cricket lovers can easily watch cricket matches of Bangladesh against any country.

Kingobd Sports Live APK

Kingobd Sports Live is an FTB server application that contains some famous sports channel broadcasting and a special cricket match live-watching system. Sometimes they also provide the broadcasting live of Big football matches and tournaments.

Kingobd Sports is a Free to access app which is very lite and user-friendly…

Kingobd Sports Live App is specially made to make it simple to watch any Bangladesh cricket matches for Bangladeshi people!


Kingobd Sports Live Application V1.2 Download

We made it super easy to download the Kingobd Sports Live APK, Just click on the download image to start download-


Download Kingobd Sports Live APK For Desktop/PC & Laptop

  • Download the Bluestacks software from the link below, if you haven’t installed it before, download Bluestacks for Desktop/PC & Laptop.
  • The installation process is quite simple and straightforward. After successful installation, open Bluestacks Emulator.
  • Initially, the Bluestacks application may take some time to load. After opening it, you should see the Bluestacks home screen.



    Now find the Kingobd Sports Live APK you want to install on your Desktop/PC – Laptop & install the Apps.

  • After Successful complete Install on your Desktop/PC – Laptop Register the Kingobd Sports Live APK & Enjoy the platform.


Discover the amazing features of the Kingobd Sports Live v1.2 APK:

  • Download the app for free and enjoy its full functionality.
  • Access content from multiple countries with ease.
  • Experience smooth performance on all types of smartphones.
  • Choose from a wide range of categories and types to suit your preferences.
  • Keep up with all cricket leagues and tournaments.
  • No need for registration or membership.
  • Expect regular updates with new content.
  • Enjoy the best live cricket app.
  • Access multiple IPTV channels.
  • Enjoy the high-quality performance.
  • Stay up-to-date with highlights and the latest point tables.
  • Access some sports networks.
  • Experience fast and active servers.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly control panel.

It’s All – Thank You

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