A lot has been made about Argentine footballer Messi. Many products in the market using his name are excluded. However, this time the UK based chain restaurant Hard Rock Cafe has released a burger in the name of Messi to the surprise of everyone.

Hard Rock Cafe has brought a special burger named Lionel Messi as a new addition to their menu. The price has been kept at 10 pounds! The restaurant has undertaken this activity with the permission of Messi.

Messi was the restaurant’s goodwill ambassador last year to mark the restaurant’s 50th anniversary. The burger has already been commercialized, with Messi also starring.

This 10 pound burger has two large beef patties. There are also several toppings, hard rock caf স্ক’s scoomi burger sauce, provolone loss, caramelized red onion and sliced ​​chorizo.

Messi, a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, is always by the side of Hard Rock Cafe called ‘Messi Burger’.  

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