English giant club Chelsea is finally going to be sold. An American-Swiss affiliate is buying the Blues next Monday (March 6), according to the Daily Mirror, a UK-based news outlet.

According to the Mirror, Chelsea owner Abramovich, an American-Swiss partner in business, has settled all sorts of talks. Bargaining has also taken place between them. Now it’s time to transfer ownership of the club. Which could happen by next Monday.

Although the name of the head of the company has not been revealed yet, it is believed that American businessman Tom Boyle is in talks to buy the club. He also wanted to buy Chelsea in 2019. The হয়েছিল 3 billion service was offered to Chelsea’s owner.

According to the Mirror, Abramovich is still negotiating with an American and Swiss partner. So far, Chelsea’s Russian owner has claimed 4 billion. However, the company has agreed to pay 3 billion pounds. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Abramovich has already turned down an offer of বিল 2.5 billion. About 19 years ago, in 2003, Russian owner Abramovich bought Chelsea for just 140 million.

Earlier on Wednesday (March 2), Abramovich announced the sale of the club in a statement posted on Chelsea’s website. Russia became isolated after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And Abramovich, a man close to Putin, is in another predicament. In the face of pressure, the Russian tycoon has to leave the responsibility of the club. Meanwhile, the British government can ban him at any time. So he wants to sell his favorite club Chelsea.

However, he said in a statement that the proceeds from the sale of Chelsea would be used to help victims of the Ukraine war. In a statement, Abramovich said: “I have instructed my team to set up a charitable foundation where all proceeds from the sale will be donated. This foundation will be to help all the victims of the war in Ukraine. The aid will include funds to meet the immediate and immediate needs of war victims, as well as funds to assist in long-term post-war reconstruction.

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