Ukraine were scheduled to face Scotland in the play-off semifinals for the World Cup in Qatar on March 24. The match is very important for Ukraine to ensure the World Cup. However, the country has applied to postpone the play-off match in the World Cup qualifiers.

At the moment, defending the country is the most important thing for Ukraine in the ongoing war against Russia. For now, the country has decided not to play international football. Therefore, the Ukraine Association of Football (UAF) has made an official request to FIFA to suspend the match.

Ukraine has been promoted to the play-offs as runners-up from the ‘D’ group in the European region. The two teams were scheduled to meet in Glasgow, Scotland. They were to play either Austria or Wales if they won the match. 

but the country is now in a fierce battle, with considerable uncertainty over whether national team players will be able to leave the country. So they want to play after not playing the World Cup qualifiers now. 

Meanwhile, the draw for the World Cup is scheduled for April 1 in Doha. The World Cup starts on November 21. So FIFA has an alternative opportunity to host play-off matches earlier.

Ukraine, which started playing as an independent country in 1992, last played in the World Cup in 2006. They left the quarter-finals in that event.

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