In most of the 21 editions of the World Cup, no one of the champion teams was the top scorer. Many times, the top goalscorer of famous footballers is someone who is not famous. Again, the names of stars like Eusebio, Jared Muller, and Gary Lineker are also on the list of the highest goalscorers in the World Cup. Coincidentally, from 1978 to 1998, the top scorer scored 6 goals in six consecutive World Cups!

As soon as the World Cup starts, the bet on who will be the top scorer is hot among the fans. The supporters made that bet on the best footballers of the time. But in most World Cups, the world got someone different. This report will try to find them.

1930 First World Cup In Uruguay, all eyes were on Argentina’s Luis Monti and Brazil’s Leonidas. But the top scorer in the World Cup was an Argentinian. But his name is Guillermo Stabile. He took Argentina to the final by scoring 8 goals in 4 matches. He played the four matches in the national team jersey!

Before the World Cup in Italy in 34, few people knew Czech Slovakia’s Oldrich Nejdlik. Although he lost in the final, this footballer made himself known as the highest scorer of the season by scoring 5 goals in 4 matches.

The next time France came to the World Cup, the highest goal scorer award was won by one of the best footballers of the time. The name Brazilian Leonidas was the world pair at that time. This Flamengo striker scored 7 goals in 4 matches. However, Brazil could not do well.

The World Cup returned to Brazil in 1950 after leaving two seasons due to the ravages of World War I. Then there was the era of Raymond Coppa-Alfredo Di Stefano. However, Brazilian Ademir was the top scorer with 8 goals in 6 matches.

Hungary reached the World Cup final for the second time in 1954. But they failed to win the trophy but Sandor Kocsis became the top scorer.
French legend Just Fontaine became the top scorer with 13 goals in Attanno’s Sweden World Cup. 1962 World Cup scored the highest goal of 6 people. The next time Portugal legend Eusebio scored 9 goals in one game.

In 2 of the five World Cups from 1970 to 1982, the footballers of the champion team scored the highest goal of the tournament. Jared Muller, Kempes, Paolo Rossi, and Gary Lineker are still in the annals of history. Coincidentally, from 1978 to 1998, the number of goals scored by the highest scorer in each World Cup in these 20 years is 6!

The then football sensation Ronaldo Rosario scored 8 goals in 7 matches in the 2002 World Cup. Brazil also won the World Cup. In 2006, Miroslav Klose became the highest scorer of the service even though Germany was eliminated from the semi-finals of the World Cup. He is the highest scorer in the World Cup with 16 goals in 24 matches. None of which Klose did from the penalty spot.

5 highest goal scorers in the 2010 World Cup with 5 goals. Colombian James Rodriguez won the Golden Boot in 2014. And the English captain Harry Kane in the 2018 World Cup. However, in most of the World Cup, the champion team’s football is not the highest scorer, proving that football is a team game at the end of the day!

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