Brazil is the only team in world football to have won the World Cup gold trophy five times. Selesaora lifted the title in 1954, 1962, 1970, 1994, and lastly in 2002. Pele, Romario, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho became icons of world football.


Brazil, the superpower of Latin America, entered international football with an official match against Argentina in 1914. The first time stepped into the World Cup was in 1930. After that, we had to wait for a long time to see the golden trophy. The Selecao has become a center of interest in world football over time.

For the first time, the chance to touch the coveted World Cup trophy was in 1958. Brazil beat hosts Sweden 5-2 to win the title. With the World Cup, Pele, known as the prince of football, became known in the World Cup. He was selected as the emerging footballer in the 1958 World Cup. And Italian footballer Just Fontaine scored a maximum of 13 goals.

The World Cup went from Sweden to Chile. However, the names of the world champions have not changed. This time again, Brazil celebrated its second World Cup trophy by defeating Czechoslovakia. Six footballers are named in the list of the highest goal scorers. Where 2 Brazilian footballers scored 4 goals each.

with a World Cup break in between, Brazilians won the World Cup trophy again. In 1970, the Selecao celebrated their third title. Germany’s Gerard Muller scored the maximum 10 goals in this tournament.

Brazil celebrated its fourth title in 1994 after the World Cup trophy was named after Julerime. Romario was selected as the best footballer in the World Cup held in America after defeating Italy in a penalty shootout. The Fair Play Award went to the champions.

The last title was won in 2002. Brazil won the World Cup in South Korea by defeating Germany. Ronaldo scored the highest 8 goals in the tournament. Since then, most times World Cup winners have not had a chance to win the World Cup trophy. It remains to be seen what fate Neymar has in Qatar World Cup.

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