The Bangladesh national football team practiced for the sixth day ahead of the Cambodia and Nepal match. Ibrahim-Biplura wants to win both matches by using the techniques of the practice session. Meanwhile, with Sohail Rana sidelined with an injury, the Graves will announce the final squad of 23 from the initial squad of 26 for the time being. Team manager Iqbal Hossain said.


Before playing FIFA friendlies in June, the team’s practice time under Cabrera was not enough. But this time the picture is completely different. Jamal Bhuiyara got about three weeks to prepare before the Cambodia and Nepal match. Therefore, the coaching staff does not want to leave any deficiency in the preparation.

Head coach Javier Cabrera has given extra importance to fitness in the last few days. While fitness trainer Ivan Razlog is seen spending busy time in both sessions with Matin-Rayhan-Fahad.

On this day, the coach worked separately with counterattack. Ibrahim-Biplura wants to use the techniques of the practice session 100% on the field.

Bangladesh national team winger Mohammad Ibrahim said, ‘Our plan was to practice for four days, then play the match on the fifth day. It was discussed in our meeting that we will play switch-off with different emphases on opponents. We have a chance to win both matches.’  

Bangladesh team’s midfielder Biploo Ahmed said, ‘We are making some changes in our counter-attacking game. Earlier I used to start from the bottom. That’s what I will start from a little above the field.’  

Meanwhile, Sohail Rana injured his knee during practice on the third day. However, after the MRI, the doctor said that the midfielder will have to stay out of the field for 4 weeks. Graves will announce the final squad of 23 from the initial squad of 26 for now.

Bangladesh national team manager Iqbal Hossain said, ‘The doctor said, we cannot get him in Cambodia and Nepal tour. He will be sidelined for four weeks. So we will camp with these 26 people. Before we leave the country on the 15th, we will announce the best team from these 26 people. We will have only one goal now, that we can get a good result.’   

If everything goes well, the red-green jersey holders will leave Dhaka to play a friendly match on September 15.

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