Garena Free Fire Max is one of the most popular game in the world, It has more than 100 Million daily active players. Garena Free Fire Max has majority players from Brazil, Indonesia, Middle East, India, Vietnam etc. But Free Fire Max is a international Battle Royale game, because it has players from all around the globe!

Garena Free Fire Mod Menu Hack OB37 Apk

Garena Free Fire Max is a popular Battle Royale game and it also brings updates like other games. After every 2 months Garena brings a huge update, Which is called OB update in Free Fire Max. The OB updates brings major changes in Free Fire Max game. As the Free Fire Max game gets changes after every 2 months, The modified versions/ Mod Menu versions of this game also gets changed in every OB updates!

From here, you will get the Mod Menu version for the OB 37 Update of Free Fire Max.

About Garena Free Fire Mod Menu Apk

As Garena Free Fire Max has vast popularity and active players. There are some players, who wants to win this game by using Mod Version Of Free Fire Max! Free Fire Max is a Battle Royale game and when the players starts a match, their main focus gets on killing the opponents and win the match. Generally majority players plays rank matches. Rank matches are very important to the players!

The players who are good at playing rank matches are called pro players. As the players of Free Fire Max has vast competition in rank matches, It is quite really hard to win the rank matches. So, some of the players use the modified version of Free Fire, Which is called Mod Menu by the players.

* Using the Mod Modified/ Mod Menu Version of Free Fire Max also become the cause to get your Free Fire ID Banned!

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  3. Free Fire Headshot Hack OB 37
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  6. Working Mod Menu For Free Fire Max


Garena Free Fire Mod Menu Hack OB37 Apk Download-

  • Free Fire Max V1 OB 37 Mod Menu – Download
  • Arabs Hackers VIP V1_v1.94.X Mod Menu – Download
  • Free Fire Max V2 OB 37 Mod Menu – Download
  • Garena Free Fire v1.94.1 – Download
  • Garena Free Fire Max Mod Menu Apk v1.92.X – Download

Features Of Garena Free Fire Mod Menu Apk

  1. Auto Headshot Hack
  2. Auto Aim Hack
  3. Fly Hack
  4. location Hack
  5. Teleport Hack
  6. ESP Grenade Hack
  7. Medkit Run Hack
  8. Speed Hack
  9. Wall Hack
  10. Car Hack
  11. Speed Run Hack
  12. Invisible Hack
  13. Inside Rock Hack
  14. Rank Working Hack
  15. Ammo Hack
  16. Rank Working Mod Menu
  17. Diamond Hack (Fake)
  18. V Badge Hack (Fake)
  19. Dress Hack (Fake)


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