All major European football leagues are protesting against the Russian aggression, as well as expressing support for fellow Ukrainians. And in doing so, the code of conduct is often violated. So the referee is showing a yellow card to warn the players. However, the rules of the English Premier League are changing. The referee will not show the card even if he opens the jersey in support of Ukraine.

Speaking of last week’s Champions League. Yaremchuk of Ukraine opened the jersey by scoring a goal in the Ajax-Benfica match. As soon as he opened the jersey, he saw the Ukrainian nationalist symbol painted on his inner T-shirt in protest of the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Although the matter was emotional, the referee was forced to show a yellow card to Yaremchuk. However, the rules are changing in the English Premier League.

According to the football magazine Marca, the referees will not show the card if they celebrate the opening of the jersey in support of Ukraine in the English league. The FA, the governing body of English football, has instructed the referees. In the Premier League match, the clubs are seen protesting against the Russian aggression in Ukraine. In last week’s league match and in the Carabao Cup final, Liverpool and Chelsea players came wearing T-shirts with the words ‘No War’ written on them.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict turned into a war last Thursday (February 24). Russian troops have infiltrated the Ukrainian border. Several Ukrainian cities have been affected by the airstrikes. Russia has occupied several areas of Ukrainian territory. All in all, the Ukrainian people are having a terrible time. At that time, all the freedom-loving people of the world are standing against the Russian aggression. Supporting the Ukrainian struggle. Footballers are not out of it. They are also protesting and supporting the Ukrainian people. Ukraine’s support is always visible in European football. Ukrainian footballers who play in the European League are not excluded from their teammates. Underneath the jersey is a T-shirt with anti-war rhetoric or good wishes for Ukraine. Some are having special celebrations with fellow Ukrainian players.

According to the code of conduct on the football field, the referee shows a yellow card as a precautionary measure against the referee for violating the code of conduct. However, Ronaldo-Aguero never hesitated to open the jersey to celebrate the goal. Aguero’s jersey opener is one of the iconic moments in the Premier League, with Manchester City scoring the title in the English league. They also wrote a lot on the T-shirt under the jersey. After the goal, he opened the jersey and showed the writing and made everyone emotional. But the Bersik referee has nothing to do. So they have to show the card for violating the code of conduct.

Many have seen the card so far in protesting the Russian aggression in Ukraine or expressing support for their teammates. In the latest Aston Villa-Brighton match, Aston Villa opened his jersey after Matty Cash’s goal and expressed his support for his national teammate Tomasch Kedziora. The player, who plays Dynamo Kiev, is living a life of siege with his family in the war-torn Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

Aston Villa coach Steven Gerrard, speaking on behalf of his team-mates, said: “Before the game I told them to be calm with goals, but everyone has different emotions. He is taking the responsibility of yellow card of cash on his shoulders.

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