Despite not playing well in the first season for PSG, Lionel Messi is showing signs of having a great season at the beginning of this season. Scored a goal in the pre-season match. He also scored a goal against Nant in the French Cup, becoming the man of the match. At the end of that match, Messi took a picture with the fans after being protected from the security personnel.


The incident happened after PSG’s last match. Messi gave an eye-catching performance in that match against Nant. In the first half, his team PSG went ahead thanks to his goal from Neymar’s pass. The French champions then beat Nantes 4-0, winning the French Super Cup. 

The incident happened after the match. The Argentine superstar was heading to the dressing room at the end of the award ceremony held in Tel Aviv, Israel. At that time, a small supporter approached Messi with a phone in his hand to take a picture with Messi.

But the security personnel stopped him. Dragging him away from Messi. At that time, the phone also fell out of his hand. At that time, the matter did not escape Messi’s eyes. The Argentinian captain rushed to stop the security personnel, requesting that the fan be released. Hearing his words, the security personnel also let him go. 

After that, Messi found the fan’s phone and finally took a picture with him. Then the Argentine superstar hugged him. After such an incident, he is praised on social media.

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