Former Ukrainian footballer Andrei Voronin has made an unpublished remark aimed at Russian President Vladimir Putin. He criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with the German newspaper Bild following his resignation as assistant coach of Russian club Dynamo Moscow. At the time, he had spoken out against Putin for attacking his country.

Protests over military strikes in Ukraine continue around the world. It also includes the football field. Protesting in various ways. This time the assistant coach of the Russian club Dynamo Moscow has joined the protest. Andrei Veronin, the Ukrainian striker, has played for a team like Liverpool. He has played for the Ukraine national team 65 times. He left the pair of boots in 2015 and joined the coaching profession. While serving as assistant coach of Dynamo Moscow, he witnessed the Russian aggression in his native Ukraine. Vronin, enraged at the attack on the country, resigned from the club.

Dynamo Moscow has confirmed the club’s severance from Voronezh in an official statement.

However, the Ukrainian did not resign. Russia has been washed properly. The German newspaper Bild reported his angry reaction. “I cannot work in a country that is bombing my motherland,” he said.

When the Russian invasion began, Veronin left Russia and went to Germany. While talking to Bild there, he was asked, “How can Germany help your country?”

In response, he hurled insults at Putin. “Putin, son of a bitch, stop Putin!” Help the refugees, give them weapons, so that we can protect ourselves from them.

“We are proud of our country,” he added. We have beautiful cities and wonderful people. We will continue our fight. When the victory comes, maybe the price will be much higher. All deaths …. it’s 2022 and we don’t want a third world war.

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