English club Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has repeatedly been angered by the Ukraine-Russia conflict. However, he told the media that the two countries are continuing their efforts to resolve the conflict. The Russian businessman has demanded an end to the Russia-Ukraine war in Belarus.

The impact of the Ukraine-Russia military operation is also felt in the stadium. Abramovich, a Russian tycoon. Although Russian, English club Chelsea owns it. He is reportedly close to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Abramovich had to face the cannon because of such closeness. Russia’s opponents have been eye-popping because of Putin’s closeness.

English club Chelsea had to read Roshanle in the Ukraine-Russia crisis. Abramovich has been widely criticized for pursuing military action in the two countries. As a result, the millionaire has had to relinquish the responsibility of controlling Chelsea. In this situation, the responsibility of taking care of the club is now with the club’s charitable foundation.

Meanwhile, in the interests of the club, Russia has also shouldered the responsibility of ending the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The call for help came from Ukraine because of its closeness to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Russia talks with high-level representatives of Russia and Ukraine are underway to end the crisis in Belarus. Abramovich is reeling from Ukraine’s plea for help. Ukraine expects Abramovich to help resolve conflict

Abramovich’s negotiations or attempts to help in the peace process could be a source of relief for Ukraine – the expectation of Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Ukraine is in regular contact with Abramovich, hoping for some exemplary action. But it remains to be seen how useful Abramovich’s assistance will be in resolving the crisis between the two countries.

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