Electric outage in Messi’s practice! But is the developed world country in the global economic crisis, Israel? Anyone can feel that way when they visit Lionel Messi’s official Facebook page on Saturday (July 30). PSG will now travel to Israel’s port city of Tel Aviv to play the ‘Trophy des Champions’ match. Pictures were posted on the Argentina captain’s Facebook page on Saturday from Bloomfield Stadium there. But surprisingly, there is nothing visible in the dark.


After pre-season training in Japan, Ligue One champions PSG are now looking forward to playing competitive football. Messi-Neymar-Mbappera have prepared very well against the league team in Japan. All three stars have seen the goal. Eager to enter the field, PSG’s new mission begins with the ‘Trophy des Champions’ against Nantes. Lionel Messi is now in the Middle Eastern country of Israel to fight for this title.

PSG is entering the field in the fight for the seasonal title of French domestic football. On Sunday (July 31) at 12 pm Bangladesh time, Messi-Neymar will enter the field against Nantes. Another star Kylian Mbappe is not in the team due to a card ban. So the League One champions will have their eyes on the two Latin stars for victory. The team has already participated in the practice ahead of the match.

The match will be held at the Bloomfield Stadium in the port city of Tel Aviv, Israel. Leo Messi and his teammates practiced on this field on Saturday (July 30). The PSG stars were in a very cheerful mood in practice ahead of the match. Messi-Neymar can also be seen making fun of each other on the field. They also shared those pictures on social media.

Photos from Israel’s Bloomfield Stadium were also shared on Lionel Messi’s official Facebook page. And that’s where the breakdown happened. Where is Messi-Neymar in the dark? Nothing exists in the picture except a faint black background. But what about power outages in countries like Israel in the developed world?

It is not known why such a picture is on Messi’s official page. Maybe the result of a social media frenzy. However, immediately after, the practice photos were posted again. There is a smiling Messi, there is also Neymar. Two friends are warming up very attentively with two other teammates.

The dark picture on Messi’s official page on Facebook has already sparked discussions on social media. There are supporters, there are also critics. Someone else commented just to troll. Many Bangladeshis also commented. Many have humorously commented that it is Messi’s protest against the load shedding caused by the worldwide power shortage.

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