Russia is now almost alone in its attack on Ukraine. Russia has been banned from playing football by FIFA and the European Football Association (UEFA). Russia is looking for a partner in one room. Neighbor-ally Belarus is responding to Russia’s call. So everyone is doing Belarus in one room. The Indian football team has stated that it will not play Belarus this time.

India will play a friendly football match against Belarus in the FIFA window in March. Sunil Chhetri’s team no longer wants to play that friendly match against Belarus as it has a close relationship with Russia. India was seen taking such a decision against Belarus after the International Olympic Association placed Russia and Belarus in the same place in the sports world.

Sunil Chhetri’s team wanted to practice against Bahrain on March 23 and Belarus on March 26 in preparation for the Asia Cup. But Russia and Belarus are also worried about sanctions after the Russia-Ukraine war. So the Indian football team is no longer willing to play against Belarus. Instead, talks are underway with Bahrain over whether the match against Belarus can be played against them. Both matches are scheduled to take place in Manama, the capital of Bahrain.

AIFF Secretary Kushal Das said: “We will not be able to play against Belarus as it has been banned. Bahrain ranks 91st in the rankings. I am watching to see if two matches can be played against them.

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