Yesterday a picture is doing rounds on the internet. And that is, ‘CR Seven Not Welcome.’ No one should have a problem understanding the meaning. It means, ‘Don’t welcome Ronaldo.’ Atletico Madrid face Spanish third-tier side Numancia on Wednesday (July 27). A group appeared there with a banner, which went viral.


Atletico Madrid came away with an expected 4-0 win at Numancia to kick off their pre-season campaign. On this day, Atletico fans brought several banners to the field. Where it was written, ‘Ronaldo will not be welcomed.’

The reasons for Atletico fans’ anger at the Portuguese superstar are very logical. While playing for Real Madrid, Ronaldo did not give their city rivals any less trouble. He has played the most 35 matches against Atletico in his career. From 2014 to 2019, Atletico lost to them every time in the Champions League. Had it not been for Ronaldo, they could have added a few more trophies to their home. Hence the anger of Atletico fans on Ronaldo. 

Atlético fans did not stop with hanging the banner only in the match against Numancia. The anti-Ronaldo protest is going on with the hashtag SerieRseven on Twitter. Their only demand is that Ronaldo cannot be included in the team. 

Meanwhile, Atletico fans have started taking online petitions against Ronaldo. As a result, their supporters blocked the way for Ronaldo to join Atletico.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese superstar has not yet played a match under United’s new coach Ten Hague. He was also absent from the club’s pre-season tour to Thailand and Australia due to family reasons. As a result, the uncertainty about Ronaldo’s future in Manchester United has not yet ended. But with all doors closed, the Portuguese star, who came to the club last Tuesday (July 26) to discuss the future, watched the team’s game the next day, sitting on the sidelines with Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford. 

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