In the last few years, many people believe that this party change market has accumulated more. There have already been some sensational signings in the summer transfer market. For example, Arling Holland, one of the best strikers of the young generation, joined Manchester City from Borussia Dortmund. Barcelona, ​​who lost Lionel Messi last season, attacked Bayern’s home. Brought in Robert Lewandowski. There is a possibility of some such party changes in the coming days as well.


The European League transfer window will close on September 1. Before that, however, the field game will begin. So every team aims to organize the team before the league play starts. According to the schedule of the top five leagues in Europe, the league matches will be played in early August.

However, before the door closes, according to rumors, there may be several more big news about the party. This list includes stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Frankie de Jong.

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has listed some of the biggest stars who could be on the move before the transfer window closes in Barcelona on September 1. Football outlet Goal. Let’s see the names in that list.

1. cristiano ronaldo

The Portuguese superstar has not been able to settle anywhere since leaving Real Madrid. In 2018, after winning the Champions League, they moved to Juventus, the top team of Serie A. Won the league in the first two seasons. He also performed. However, Ronaldo could not return to the image of the destroyer of Real Madrid. Last season, after more than an era, the English giant returned to Manchester United. But after the terrible performance of the team in the first season, the 37-year-old Portuguese is now looking for a team again.

However, it is not easy to change Ronaldo’s team even if he wants to. Even if they think about changing the team to play in the Champions League, they are skeptical about how important Ronaldo can be in the forward line of Europe’s elite teams. And those who are looking for a striker does not match the needs of Ronaldo’s current style of play. Meanwhile, the new manager of his club also said that Ronaldo is not for sale.

Still, most people believe that the Portuguese prince is going to a new club this season. As long as the door of party change is open, we have to keep an eye on it.

2. Frenkie De Jong

The drama about Barcelona’s midfielder in this transfer market has accumulated quite a lot. Today it is heard that de Jong is sure to leave Barca, the next day the news comes out, he is not changing the club. In the middle of the financial crisis, Barcelona has gone into the transfer market. In the meantime, they have added Lewandowski, Rafinha to the team. Jules Kunder is almost certain to come too. The club wants to sell one of the team’s most valuable stars to enrich their coffers. Frankie doesn’t really buy into Xavi’s plans. On the other hand, Manchester United coach Erik ten Haag is looking for someone like him. So he has his eyes on the former student.

Earlier, Goal reported that the two clubs had agreed to a £63m fee for the star. But De Jong himself blocked the way. He will not leave the Nou Camp. However, Barca did not leave. The Dutch star will have to cut his salary in half if he wants to stay at the club. So it remains to be seen where De Jong’s transfer saga ultimately ends.

3. Serge Milankovitch-Savic

The transfer season doesn’t start without buzzing about the Serbian midfielder playing for Serie A side Lazio. Either Juventus, or Manchester United. – Every time these two teams are involved, there are rumors about this midfielder. Juve-Manyu duo are in the rumor about one of the best midfielders in the world this time. However, Savic is somewhat less needed by the Turin giants having just brought in Paul Pogba. However, the Bianconeri can pull Pogba out of the field for 2 months due to injury, or to increase the midfield option.

On the other hand, whether or not Savic is coming to Manchester United depends entirely on De Jong’s delta. If they ultimately fail to land the Dutch midfielder, the Serbian star could be seen in the red jersey of the Red Devils.

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4. Anthony

Whether Ronaldo stays or leaves, the star that Ten Hague are eager to sign in the forward line is Ajax’s 22-year-old winger Anthony. Manchester United has already made an offer of 51 million pounds for the star who has spread light in international football for Brazil. But Ajax demand more money. The Dutch champions have made it clear that they will not let Anthony go for less than 68 million pounds. However, if Ronaldo finally finds a new address, Ten Hague will bring this former student to the team at any cost.

5. Jules

Kunde, like Jules Kunde Rafinha, is snatched from Chelsea’s grass by Barcelona. According to the latest news, he has already signed a verbal agreement with Barcelona. Club Sevilla also agreed. It is only a matter of time before he moves to Barcelona for €50 million.

6. Cesar Azpicuelta and Marcus Alonso

Barcelona wants to bring these two wingbacks to the team, as well as another Chelsea defender, Andreas Christensen. But it will not be easy for the Catalan giants to attract these two Spaniards to the team like the Danish star. Because the London club still has one year of contract left with these two. And the way Barca snatched Rafinha and Jules Kunde from their hands, then it doesn’t seem like they will sell these two stars so easily.

7. Lucas Paqueta

This midfielder from Sao Paulo was brought to the team by AC Milan with high hopes. But their ‘next uncle’ failed to live up to expectations but he managed to re-establish his reputation at French club Leo. So this season there is another big club buzz around. Arsenal want this talented midfielder in the team. Gunners technical director Edu is a big fan of the star. On the other hand, Leo president Jache-Michche-Aulas has no objection to leaving Paqueta if he gets the right price. However, the French club will release him only if they are willing to spend a large amount of money for the star who still has two years of contract.

8. Bernardo Silva

This Portuguese midfielder wanted to leave Manchester City last season. He wants to leave England and settle in Spain. The club was also willing to let him go. But even if he wants to put on the jersey of Barcelona or Atletico Madrid, he still has many obstacles to fulfill his dream. Because to be included in the team, the star who played a big role in Man City winning the league last season must be bought at an appropriate price. However, the Catalan giants have not yet given up hope of getting this midfielder, who is considered a dream project. If they can sell Frankie de Jong to Manchester United this season, their dream will come true.


PSG brought Neymar to Paris in 2017 at a world record average But they want to sell this Brazilian now. He is now the unsung king of Paris after investing huge money to lock Kylian Mbappe into the team. And this French does not want Neymar to stay in Paris.

However, the number of clubs willing to bring Neymar to the team like Ronaldo is less. The number of clubs that can strategically and financially afford to sign the 30-year-old star is actually less.

However, the difference with Ronaldo is that although Ronaldo insists on leaving the team, Neymar does not want to change the team before the World Cup. However, Neymar could be seen in another club before the end of the transfer season. Neymar can be seen in Newcastle, especially newly rich in Saudi petro dollars.

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10. Memphis Depay

 Dutch striker Memphis Depay did not live up to the club’s expectations after joining Barcelona last season. But this season, Robert Lewandowski, Rafiniara, has joined the Nou Camp. In addition, Ousmane Dembele has also renewed his contract. And last January, you want to return the purchase. So the Dutch star may have to spend most of this season sitting on the bench. So Depay can leave the club to play more time without spending on the bench during the World Cup year. And if some money is earned by selling unnecessary players, the club which is in financial crisis also benefits. Apart from this, Brighton ‘s left-back Kukrella

has the possibility of changing teams . Pep Guardiola’s Man City, who are in crisis for a traditional left-back, are eyeing him.

Georginio Wijnaldum , who left Liverpool to join PSG last season, failed to live up to the club’s expectations. So the club wants to sell him.
Napoli’s Nigerian star Victor Osimen wants to leave the club despite the ‘not for sale’ tagline. So it may not be possible for the Serie A side to retain this star.
Meanwhile, in order to protect the rules of Financial Fair Play, Inter Milan will have to leave some of the expensive stars of the squad anyway. Milan Skinnier is one of the assets of the team in this list . He can be seen in the jersey of PSG in the coming season.

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