FIFA has selected hotels and training venues for the 32 teams in Qatar World Cup. Most teams will be within 10km. However, 8 teams are located a bit far from the stadium but are very close to the venues.


This season is going to be different than the previous ones. No matter how long a team’s journey in the tournament is, they will stay in the same hotel from start to finish. Also will use the same practice venue. Even the teams can practice the day before the match in their respective camps instead of the stadium.

FIFA said on Tuesday (July 26) that 24 of the 32 teams will be within a short distance of each other near the capital Doha.
But among the big teams, England will be a bit far from Doha. But even that is not far from the venues. The England team will be staying at Al-Waqra, a five-star hotel in Doha.  

FIFA’s chief operating officer Colin Smith, meanwhile, believes that the closer teams will give players more time to practice and rest during the tournament, adding to the frenzy of the tournament.

The Greatest Show on Earth will continue from November 21 to December 18. The game will be played in a total of eight stadiums. Each team must check into the hotel at least five days prior to their first match.

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