Manchester United’s Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is willing to reduce his salary in search of a club. He wants to leave Man U at any cost. CRSeven has made such a decision mainly because of playing the Champions League.


Ronaldo has tried to go to Bayern Munich, PSG, Real Madrid, Chelsea clubs. But no one is willing to take this 37-year-old footballer. On the other hand, Manchester United are not willing to let him go. In such a situation, the Champions League will not be played in CRSeven! This cannot happen.

He has been playing in the Champions League every year since the beginning of his career so far. So he doesn’t want to play Europa League next season. Meanwhile, he is the highest goalscorer in the Champions League. So Ronaldo’s idea is that if he doesn’t play a season in the Champions League, he will go far behind. And the impression of age is there.

For this reason, he is trying hard to go to Atletico, another club in Madrid. It is already known that CRSeven wants to convince Diego Simeone to go to the club. Spanish media Marca reports that Ronaldo wants to join Atletico Madrid to play in the Champions League, but will cut his salary if necessary.

Meanwhile, Man United’s new coach Eric Ten Haag is not willing to leave Ronaldo. He also informed this. But Ronaldo did not go on Man U’s pre-season tour. Deliberately trying to create a conflict with the club. However, Man United are adamant in their position.

“The situation is the same as last week,” Ten Haag said. No change. That is, we will not leave Ronaldo. At the moment I am looking at those who are here. Those who are playing well, who are in good positions, I am working with them.’

, a journalist named Ben Jacobs said that Ronaldo received 435,000 euros per week from Manchester United, which is very difficult for any other club to afford. Again, this same journalist said that Ronaldo is willing to reduce his salary by at least 30% to go to the Spanish club.

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