Cristiano Ronaldo is desperate to leave Manchester United. So his agent has been looking for a new team for quite some time. However, no one is encouraging to take the 37-year-old Ronaldo in the team. But is the dream of playing in the Champions League unfulfilled for the top scorer of the tournament? It seems so. Atletico Madrid fans are furious with the club after expressing interest in signing him. The supporters of the club have raised a storm of protest online. According to the British media Mirror.


Ronaldo does not want to play for the English giants. So he requested the club to let him go if there is an interested club. The Red Devils, who are sixth in the league, will not play in the Champions League this season if they stay in camp. And he does not like the club’s policy of signing new players. So overall he is not satisfied with the club.

The 37-year-old is so desperate for a switch that he did not even join the team on United’s pre-season tour to Thailand and Australia. Although the club says that he is not with the team due to family reasons, but no one is left to understand the situation. Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Napoli, PSG and lastly Atlético Madrid are rumored to be involved in Ronaldo’s future. But none of them saw the light of day.

But according to the new news, the chances of Atlético are rising day by day. Being third in the league, Ronaldo will be able to play in the Champions League if he goes to his former club’s city rivals. Moreover, he stayed in this city for 9 years to play in Real Madrid. So many have combined two by two and four. However, this would require a dramatic change in the salary structure of Diego Simeone’s team. In order to comply with the financial rules of La Liga, the salary of the players has to be reduced. That is a big obstacle. There is one more major obstacle.

Ronaldo played for Atleti’s city rivals Real Madrid for nine years from 2009 to 2018. Because of this, the fans and supporters of the club are not willing to see this former star of the enemy camp in the team. So the supporters of Kshapa unitedly called the movement online. The hashtag ContraCRSeven (Against CA Seven) has been used to express their displeasure with the club’s decision on Twitter. They hope it will change the club’s decision.

‘If he comes to my Atleti, I will cancel both my subscriptions…it (Atletico Madrid) is not a haven for collecting bottoms…’ was how one fan expressed his disbelief at the club’s decision on Twitter. Another supporter commented, ‘It’s not just Atletico fans, every club should reject Ronaldo!’

Another supporter of the club explained how Ronaldo would destroy the team, saying: ‘He is a clown who represents everything that doesn’t go with Atleti. It will destroy the locker room, even the fans and everything he touches. It won’t even last on the field of play, (he’s) on the way to a clear fall.’

Another reminds the club that this club places more importance on sport and sociality than on brand value, image rights, or financial prosperity.

Ronaldo has another 12 months left on his contract with Manchester United, who are paying him £500,000 a week. This season the club is planning to keep Ronaldo and the team coach Erik ten Haag has stated several times that Ronaldo is not for sale. However, this Dutch coach does not want an unhappy Ronaldo in the team. Mirror Football reports that United have secretly accepted an unhappy Ronaldo could be a loss for the club. United’s source quoted the media as saying that for the past month, Ten Haag has been working hard to fix the atmosphere in the dressing room and he does not want Ronaldo to spoil everything.

Ronaldo’s future seems to be gradually covered in fog.

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