FIFA World Cup, The Greatest Show on Earth. An event that kept the entire football world in a 90-minute whistle for four consecutive years. After many ups and downs, this year’s event is going to be held in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. In the first edition of the desert, speculation is rife as to who will lift the golden trophy. New names are being added to the favorite list of football connoisseurs. Many people are still stuck in the same old name.


However, the names are quite similar in the list of football legends or ordinary viewers. Brazil, Argentina, France or Germany. Some of them raised the name of Portugal too. 

However, without going to these arguments, the German World Cup winning forward Jurgen Klinsmann directly dismissed Cristiano Ronaldo’s team. He also commented that the Selecao are far from the original tone of the team game. Klinsmann said this in an interview with the Washington Post while predicting the World Cup in Qatar.

says Portugal have no chance. CR Seven is not in a position to win matches with single skills. Therefore, Portugal did not have a place in the list of favorites. He also left out Kylian Mbappe’s France. However, his reasoning here is quite strange. 

According to history, no team has won two consecutive FIFA World Cups yet. Although Brazil and Italy had this achievement, it was during the Jules Rime era. Therefore, the chances of France are very small, the hero of Dimanschefts thinks.

Klinsmann’s top name in the list of favorites is a Latin country, Brazil. At least this season, he is keeping South American countries ahead of Europeans. He made this decision mainly because of the glimmer of personal performance. However, Klinsmann’s betting horse in keeping Brazil ahead is not a footballer, but Seleção coach Tite. If Neymar-Vinicius can play into the mastermind’s plan, the German sees no one to stop them.

However, Klinsmann did not leave Messi’s Argentina too far behind. Forgetting lifelong enmity, he showered praises for Albéceleste hero Lionel Messi. Klinsmann also believes that this is the last chance for the Sky Blues under Scaloni.

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