Argentinians drowned on shore. The women of Lionel Messi’s country left the semi-finals of the Copa America Feminina after losing 1-0 to Colombia. Argentina, which is seven steps behind Colombia in the ranking, was also clearly behind in the fight on the field. It ended the dream of winning the Copa America for the second time since 2006.


Colombia have played football from the start at the Estadio Alfonso Lopez. Although they were behind the girls of Argentina in possession of the ball, the girls of the host team were quite ahead in terms of taking shots on goal. However, they could not open the goal in the first half despite arranging the attack.

However, the blue and white couldn’t stop them in the second half. In the 63rd minute, Linda Lizeth’s goal gave Colombia the yellow jersey lead. In the end, that goal made the fate of the match.

goal, Argentina tried desperately to attack. It did the opposite. Argentine midfielder Gabriela Chavez had to leave the field after receiving a second yellow card in the 73rd minute. He saw his first yellow card in the 23rd minute of the first half.

Argentina’s journey to the semi-finals was not an easy one. The Akashi-Sadara, who started the tournament with a big loss against Brazil in Group ‘B’, won the remaining matches and entered the last four as runners-up.

On the other hand, Colombia have won all their matches in Group ‘A’. They are also better than Argentina in the ranking. Colombia is at number 28 in the current FIFA ranking. On the other hand, Argentina is in the 35th position.

Brazil and Paraguay will meet in the semi-finals in the fight to reach the final. The two teams will face each other on Wednesday (27th July) at 6 am Bangladesh time. 

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