In this season, one player after another, Barcelona is joining the team. Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann wonders how the financially strapped club can sign such big players. In the meantime, an explosive news has been published by the Spanish media Diario Sport. Team coach Javi Hernandez wants to bring back club legend Lionel Messi. He is also pressuring the president of the club for this.


Messi left Barcelona and joined PSG last season. The reason was to prevent the financial problems from getting worse, because of the salary cap rules imposed by La Liga. Messi signed a contract with PSG for two seasons. 

But speculation is endless about where Messi’s future lies. There is absolutely no possibility of him leaving PSG in this party change. Messi wants to stay in the French capital this season, respecting the trust that PSG has placed in him. However, when the contract with PSG ends, Xavi, the coach of the team and Messi’s former teammate, wants to return Messi to Barcelona as a free agent. He is desperate to bring his former teammate Messi back to the club, for this he has pressured the club president Laporta, according to the Spanish news media Diario Sport.

Meanwhile, Barca president Laporta said two days ago that Messi’s Barca chapter is not over yet. Xavi expressed his desire just a day after the Barca president made this statement. 

But it is not happening this season. When Messi’s contract with PSG expires next June, Xavi’s team Barcelona will be able to bring him into the team. If the Spanish coach’s wishes come true, the 2023-24 season could see seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi don the Barcelona jersey again. 

However, PSG is trying to keep Lionel Messi for another year. If that happens, Messi will have to stay at PSG until June 2024. However, Messi has not yet informed PSG about this. Messi said in the last interview that he will think about many things after the World Cup. He has told the same thing to PSG.

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