This time, Nike, an American multinational sportswear manufacturer and marketing company, joined the boycott list of Russia. While shopping online, Russian shoppers find that Nike has removed its products from websites and apps.

A statement from Nike’s website on Tuesday (March 1) confirmed the allegations. Nike said in the statement that the supply of goods in this country is not going to be guaranteed. The statement urged buyers to contact the nearest retail outlet for the desired product.

Behind Nike’s decision is the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Last Thursday (February 24), the Russian president ordered his forces to attack Ukraine. Russian forces have launched a series of attacks on several cities, including the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Strong condemnation of the attack and various disciplinary measures are being taken against Russia around the world. This time Nike also joined it.

Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasilyenko has backed Nike’s boycott. He tweeted that Apple, Amazon as well as Nike’s new sanctions are a good example for private companies of how they can impose sanctions on Russia.

Another sportswear giant, Adidas, has also stopped marketing its products in Russia. Meanwhile, filmmakers Disney, Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures have said they will not release their upcoming movies in Russian theaters. 


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