Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. And many players from this game, wants to use mod version or you can injector version of this game. They wants to use the mod version of Free Fire to make headshots very easily and also using the mod version of FF they can easily defeat other players and win ranked matches!


If you love FF Max and want to use the mod version of FF, So this injector is for you. Free Fire OB35 Injector is a mod menu injector that helps you to make headshots very easily by using aim bot feature. As you master the game, your Rank will increase, unlocking more features and rewards.

Features Of FF OB 35 Injector Mod Menu

Auto Head Shot Injector Hack

“Auto Headshot” is a popular phrase for shooting someone in the head. It’s used in various ways, including a direct shot to the head.


ESP Target Injector Hack

The ESP Target has a built-in video camera that enables it to see what the user is looking at and react to what they’re seeing.


Injector Different Characters

There is a difference between how the game characters talk and how they play. They might look the same but have very different personalities.


Injector Aim Bot Hack

Aim Bot is artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that uses machine learning to learn from your gameplay.

Injector ESP Grenade Hack

The ESP Grenade is a grenade launcher that attaches to a gun. Once you aim it and pull the trigger, it will fire a large explosive grenade at its target. It has a range of 15 yards in the Ob35 Injector update.

Injector Run Speed Hack

We developed Run Speed to help players improve their running form and become faster runners.

It allows you to create one of four different kinds of game menus. This menu offers players options as to what they would like to do next in the game.


Injector Aim Smooth Hack

Aim Smooth is a top-notch 3D shooting game feature that requires precision, speed, and accuracy.

Injector Aim Tiro Hack

The world’s first gaming mouse with 3-axis motion control technology. In Aim Tiro, you will compete against other players and try to make the best shot.

Injector Aim Shot Hack

In Aim Shot, your character has a laser sight mounted onto his gun, allowing him to line up the shot. With one pull of the trigger, he fires and the target flies across the screen!

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