Not only nerfs, every Free Fire update also brings Buffs. As with the July 2022 Free Fire update, players can find several weapons that earn Buffs (improvement) and the list includes a total of four weapons, including the new G36 .


The presence of Buff plays an important role in making a weapon stronger than the previous update. In the July Free Fire update, four weapons will be balanced and the changes happen shortly after the game update.

Which weapons will receive the Buff later in the July 2022 Free Fire update that will take place on July 20, 2022? Check out the list in the article below!




Famas-III can be considered one of the least desirable upgrade weapons. Despite maintaining good stats, especially at the top tier, there are some players who prefer to use other weapons instead of Famas-III .

Therefore, in the July 2022 Free Fire update, the Famas-III weapon will gain a Buff that makes it even more terrifying!

  • FAMAS-III Armor Penetration increases by +5%*

*Level 3 FAMAS only





Finally, there’s the G36 weapon that will get you the most Buffs in this article list. In total, there will be 2 attributes of the G36 weapon that will receive additional improvements in the July 2022 Free Fire update.

  • In Assault mode , the G36 ‘s Fire Speed will increase by +8%
  • In Range mode , G36 stability will increase +12%

It is worth remembering that the assault mode shoots fast just like a normal rifle, but the range mode allows you to hit opponents from greater distances – in addition to causing more damage.

What do players think of the weapon buff that will take place in the Free Fire update this July? Is your favorite weapon on the list?





SCAR is an Assault Rifle (AR) type weapon. It can be said that SCAR weapons are often used by players and it looks like the popularity of this weapon will increase with Buff in the damage section.

  • SCAR damage will increase by 6%




Being the newest Free Fire sniper weapon, the M24 weapon cannot compete with other weapons in the segment because, in fact, there are several aspects that make it less attractive. In the July 2022 Free Fire update, the M24 weapon will receive improvement (buff) .

  • M24 damage will increase +8%


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