It’s just a matter of time, according to exclusive information from Free Fire Mania , Free Fire will update on July 20, 2022. Now, as yet another first-hand news, players can already find out which weapons will be nerfed in the next version of Battle Garena ‘s Royale.

In general, the arrival of a Nerf works to weaken a weapon. There are several reasons behind why a weapon can get Nerf in Free Fire (FF).

In this July 2022 Free Fire update , based on the information that Free Fire Mania obtained exclusively, there will be 2 weapons that actually receive Nerf . What weapon is this? Check the list in this article!

Free Fire July 2022 Update: Nerf on the M14



The M14 is really terrible at both long and medium distances. His skill is quite frightening, especially in the Shot Speed attribute, it’s always a concern.

Therefore, in the July 2022 Free Fire update , the M14 weapon will receive Nerf in the July 2022 Free Fire update.

  • M14’s firing speed will be reduced by -6%


Free Fire July 2022 Update: Nerf at UMP



Players who usually use the UMP as their main weapon at close range receive bad news in the next Free Fire July 2022 update. That’s because the weapon did not escape Garena ‘s list of nerfs.

  • Armor Penetration for UMP weapon will be reduced by -10%

Of these two weapons, there is one that is a player’s favorite weapon and what do you think of this Nerf, will it make these two weapons weaker?



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