Free Fire has regular updates that add new content and variety to the Battle Royale experience. Garena releases an update once every two months and OB34 is currently the latest release version of the game.

However, a lot of time has passed since the current update was released, and the anticipation for the OB35 version has attracted the community. Users are excited about what the developers have planned for the release, and the Advanced Server in progress has provided some clear hints.

The following section details the exact release date of the July 2022 update (OB35).

Free Fire July 2022 update date (OB35)

Developers have officially released the release date of the OB35 update in the new “Battle in Style” event calendar, which was recently added to Free Fire . The confirmed date for the release of the Free Fire update is July 20, according to Free Fire Mania exclusive sources.

Like most updates, Garena will give users exclusive rewards after they install the latest version on their devices. Additionally, once the update is complete, players will also find a new Gold Royale .

Maintenance details


A maintenance break is usually observed just before an update becomes available. During this period, users will not be able to access the game servers and will not be able to play the game either.

In Brazil, the maintenance period usually starts at dawn and continues until 9:00 am – 10:00 am. The following is a summary of the planned maintenance schedule:

  • Start time: 1:00 am
  • End time: 9:00 am

The above deadlines are based on previous releases. Developers will provide exact schedule on July 19th or update day . Players can follow the game’s social media accounts to stay informed.

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