Free Fire Diamond codes are sold by Garena partner companies and then codes are redeemed on the official Free Fire Rewards website to purchase in-game items such as skin packs, weapons and characters.


The procedure is very simple, the player accesses the website of one of Garena’s partner companies, makes the purchase of the desired amount of Diamonds and receives via email a diamond code to redeem with the exact amount he purchased.

It is very similar to buying a Gift Card , except that instead of receiving the Gift Card code, the player receives a code to redeem Diamonds directly in his Free Fire account.

Diamond Redeem Codes



Many players may mistake diamond codes for ” codex “, but they are different!

” Codex ” are codes that contain a certain item in the game, and can be a package with skin for clothes, weapons or characters for example.

Diamond codes , as the name implies, are exclusive to receive Diamonds , these codes are not distributed for free over the internet, anywhere that offers free diamond codes , distrust your reputation and do not pass any data from your account .

Where to buy Diamond Codes


The price of the diamond codes are always the same as on the Recarga Jogo website. You may be able to purchase Diamond Codes on the website of Hype, GMC, Credits Portal and etc.

Remember that Garena’s only official website is Recarga Jogo . There is cheaper because there are no fees from Google Play or the Apple Store. If you want to buy on other sites, do so at your own risk.

Examples of Diamond Codes

See below how the diamond codes are, but they are just examples all right? They have already been used.

  • Code: EJH8-BXJH-XJXW
  • Code: IUE7-BCX2-HCIK
  • Code: MICW-DIA0-MOND
  • Code: YUC4-JKNW- JHAQ
  • Code: NBV4-XCVY-NXI2

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