Free Fire is the most successful game today and recently broke the record of 150 million active players in a single day. However, many cheating players take advantage of the game’s engagement to try to circumvent Garena ‘s anti-hack system and thus their accounts are banned daily.


Garena frequently publishes a biweekly report with the number of Free Fire accounts banned for using hacks and cheating programs, as well as the main methods used and tips so that players do not run the risk of having their account banned .

Now, in the last two weeks, Garena has banned almost 2 million Free Fire accounts for using hacks and programs that give advantages in the game. Of this total, 65.5% of accounts were banned for changes to the game’s APK, such as Bypass , Lulubox , textures, and other apps that change game settings.

Garena issues a statement about hacks and cheaters



At first, in 2022, Free Fire introduced new anti-cheating actions to combat this type of behavior and also requests that all players can participate in this mission against hacks and cheaters.

All system detections are investigated and confirmed before applying any punishment to the cheating account, punishments are applied only with concrete evidence.

In addition, Garena guarantees that it checks the match history to identify any inappropriate behavior such as the use of cheating or any type of partnership with cheaters.

As if that wasn’t enough, the developers are aware that certain players like to team up with cheaters to move up the ranks. Free Fire and cheating have nothing to do with it, so the patents of these accounts went back to bronze. Additionally, cheating accounts may be blocked from playing team matches or ranked for a while.

Finally, the Garena team and its developers reaffirm that they are bringing the adaptability and inventiveness that the players themselves have taught and invite everyone to participate in the anti-cheating operation. In addition to the already known reporting methods, they have brought new options for fans to help, for example, it is now possible to report a cheater in the match history, guaranteeing anonymous reporting and passing through the confirmation of the system.

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