Undoubtedly, the Angelic Pants  is very popular, hyped and rare item on Free Fire . Although it is a cosmetic item in the game, its fame has recently gained the royal catwalks of the São Paulo Fashion Week show . Whether in blue , the firstborn, in red or even in the most recent color white , the ” angel pants ” as it is also known, collects fans and maddened players in search of guaranteeing one of its versions.


In general, the famous Redeem Codes from Pants Angelical are available whenever the item returns to the game, that is, the Garena team in Brazil provides the Free Fire codes with the item to move the newly arrived event. It is worth remembering that the valid angelic pants codiguin is only achieved through Battle Royale influencers.


What is a Redeem Codes and how to get it?

Redeem Codes , or Free Fire code , is a combination of 12 to 16 characters formed by a sequence of numbers and letters that provide players with the opportunity to obtain various in-game items for free. In this sense, it is possible to use a Codiguin Generator by creating random numbers and letters.

In this sense, the only way to get a sequence with a valid code is through influencers , with actions on social networks and no internet tool has access to the Garena server to generate valid codes on Free Fire. However, players can use this tool to generate random codes and try their luck.

Generator of Redeem Codes Free Fire

Initially, to use the Free Fire Code Generator , choose the item you want and click on ” GENERATE “:


Angelic Pants (Blue)Angelic Pants (Red)



In addition to the Angelic Pants codes above, players can access the Free Fire Mania Redeem Codes Generator to view and attempt to validate one of the latest Free Fire codes.

About Angelic Pants

Undoubtedly, the Angelic Pants  is a very popular, hyped and rare item on Free Fire . The item is so famous that the developers created the red and white versions of the pants so that fans can complement their collection of the angelic blue pants, the first of all.


Angelic Free Fire Pants
Angelic Free Fire Pants

Although much is speculated about the arrival of this item in the game, it is important to remember that the Angelic Pants were launched at Free Fire in 2018 , through the boxes in the in-game store. Then the item began to return through the Prized Spells event, which is also responsible for the Samurai Zombie skin .

Little noticed by players in general, each Free Fire item has a specific rarity and in the case of Angelic Pants , two colors have been made available so far:

  • Red Angelic Pants – Epic
  • Blue Angelic Pants – Rare
rarity Angelic Free Fire Pants
Rarity Free Fire Angelic Pants — Photo: Free Fire Mania

It is worth remembering that Angelic Pants , whether blue or red, only appear twice a year within Free Fire, which is why they are so rare and loved by the community.

How to get codes (Redeem Codes) for Angelic Pants in Free Fire

CODE FF June 2022
CODE FF June 2022

Despite being quite popular,  Free Fire codes  ( Redeem Codes ) with Angelic Pants are only released by the game’s distributor,  Garena . However, the company only releases to its top  influencers  through the partnership program. They are responsible for distributing valid codes.


There are dozens of valid codes registered in the database, those officially passed on by Garena . Daily, when accessing the site and  logging in , a banner with a  magic button  will appear on the screen. By clicking on “ Generate Code ”, players will automatically draw a letter or number to complete the code, with luck, the system will hit the combination and the  valid Redeem Codes  will be displayed on the screen.

How to redeem a Redeem Codes?

To redeem/validate a Redeem Codes , just copy the letters and numbers created with this generator and go to Garena’s official website. Players must log in via Facebook or the Russian VK network, enter the valid code and wait up to 30 minutes to receive the rewards in their in-game message box. Follow the steps:

1. Access the rewards website https://reward.ff.garena.com/pt (reward ff) and log in with your Free Fire account data;

Access to the Free Fire Rewards website

2. Enter a valid code in the indicated location;

Entering a Free Fire code

3. The “Redeem Codes ” will be valid when the message ” CONGRULATIONS ” appears;

Entering a Free Fire code

4. Now, just restart your Free Fire and the code/code will be in the game’s mailbox;

Codiguin successfully rescued!

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