An incredible thing happened in the second tier football league of Sierra Leone. One team won one match 95-0. The result of another match was 91-1. 17 goals in two matches! It sounds incredible, but it’s true.


The West African country struggled with 18 goals in two matches. The Sierra Leonean Football Association (SLFA) has announced an investigation into the two matches due to such unusual results.

Kahunla Rangers lost 95-0 to Lombebu United. Gulf FC’s 91-1 win over Coquima Lebanon. Almost all the goals of the two matches were scored in the second half. The scoreline for the 95-0 goal in the first half was 2-0. That means 93 goals in the second half! Which means more than 2 goals per minute. 

The situation is the same in another match. 64 goals were scored in the second half of another match. The scoreboard was 6–1 in the first half. Naturally, two such matches have been claimed to be rigged. 

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) called it a “horrific incident”. Daddy Brima, the head of the organization, said, ‘No one will be punished in such an incident, it cannot happen. We will start an investigation soon.

“We scored a lot of goals in the second half,” said Mohammad Ian Sayed Jallo, director general of Lombebu, who lost 95-0, claiming he was not involved in any criminal activities such as match-fixing. I’m disappointed in it. However, I am not involved in match-fixing in any way.

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