Corner Taken Quickly – Barcelona fans may never forget the phrase in the commentator’s throat. In the second leg of the 2018-19 Champions League semi-final against Barcelona, ​​Alexander-Arnold’s crazy corner burned his forehead in Barcelona. Origi left Liverpool to join AC Milan after scoring a goal from a corner before rushing to defend Barcelona.


Belgian winger Divak Origi has never been a regular in the Liverpool XI. However, he left Anfield only after confirming his special place in the history of the team. Liverpool have previously said that their contract with Origi expires this June and that the Mercedes club will not sign a new contract with him. So the star, who is looking for a new club, joined Serie A champions AC Milan. They took him to the team for free.

The Italian champions confirmed the matter in a statement on Tuesday (June 5th). The club has signed a contract with the 26-year-old star until 2026.

Origi joined Liverpool in the 2015-16 season, although he bought Ligue 1 club Lille in 2014. Before that, he played on loan for one season. Before leaving the club at the end of last season, Origi played 165 matches in all competitions and scored 41 goals. Sometimes he spends the 2016-17 season in Wolfsburg.

Origi has some memorable goals for Liverpool. Merseyside’s side won their first league title in the 2016 Premier League season. The Belgian scored the winning goal in the 95th minute of the crucial match against Seba Everton. He scored a pair of goals in the semi-final against Barcelona in the Champions League and took Barcelona to the final. Liverpool lost 3-0 in the first leg and came back in the second leg with a 4-0 victory. He then had the team’s second goal in a 2-0 win over Tottenham in the final.

Recalling Origi’s contribution, Liverpool also called him a club legend in his farewell message.

AC Milan have won the league title after 11 long years in the 2021-22 season under coach Stefan Pauli. They have taken Origi into the squad as there is no striker in the squad at the moment except Olivier Jiru. 

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