With rumors circulating in the transfer market, Barcelona president Juan Laporta has discussed with his representative to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo. But how will the former Real Madrid star play for his one-time eternal enemies? But this is not new. More than one star has played for two ever-rival clubs before. Let’s take a look at the list of stars who played for Barcelona and Real Madrid.


Ronaldo Nazario Ronaldo Nazario
is the name of the biggest star in the world of football who played as two eternal rivals. The star, who won the World Cup for Brazil, played for Barcelona in the 1996-97 season. Ronaldo, 20, came to Barcelona from PSV as the best talent of his era. After moving to Camp Nou, he spent a dream-like meeting. 49 – He scored a record 47 goals in the match. He won the first Ballon d’Or of his career. But Barca could not keep him in the team due to the complexity of the contract. Realizing the opportunity, Inter Milan recruited the Brazilian star with a record transfer fee.

After spending two great seasons there, he has to spend the next two seasons off the field due to injury. After recovering, he won the 2002 FIFA World Cup trophy for Brazil. Zidane, Figo and Ra l won two La Liga matches for Real. Ronaldo also won the Pichichi Trophy for scoring the most goals in a single season for both clubs. Although Real and Barca are eternal enemies of each other, Ronaldo has received equal love from the supporters of both teams.

Luis Figo
Figo, who started his career for Sporting Club Portugal, joined Barcelona in 1995. After spending five seasons there, the Portuguese winger became the centerpiece of Camp Nou supporters. In 2000, Florentino Perez promised Real that he would bring Barca’s eyes to the club if he became president of the Bernabeu. For this, he also concluded a secret agreement with the representative of Figo. In the end, Perez was elected president.

Figo Real, who won two leagues and two league cups for Barca, was equally successful. He helped Real win two leagues. He also won the adorable Champions League of his career. Although he was welcomed by Real fans, Barca fans did not forgive him. He almost had to suffer lunch when he went to play at Camp Nou.

Michael Laudrap
Danish footballer Michael Laudrup joined Barca from Juventus in 1989. At the time, he was a member of Bar বিখ্যাতa coach Cruyff’s famous ‘Dream Team’. Laudrop teamed up with Romario to bring Barca four league titles in a row. All the Barca fans were amused by this extraordinary player. But Cruyff left Barca in anger and joined Real Madrid in 1994. He went to the Bernabeu and won two consecutive league titles. His most notable incident was that he lost 5-0 to Real for Barca, and 5-0 to Barca for Real!

Luis Enrique
Current Spain national team coach Luis Enrique has played for both his country’s two giants, Barca and Rear. Everyone else moved from Camp Nou to Bernabeu, but the opposite happened. He played for Real Madrid from 1991 to 1996. But the 5 years he spent at Real did not go very well. He has never been able to stay in the team, winning a league and a league cup, but his contribution to it was not like the regulars.

Enrique joined Barca directly at the end of the contract. Barca was a place for him to prove himself. Matching himself under Cruyff, the Real midfielder went on to become a Barca forward as the goal-scoring was good. Where Enrique spends a dream. He won multiple trophies, including two La Liga and two League Cups under Camp Nou. Enrique, who has become a favorite of Barcafans, has also been handed over as a coach. In 2014, Barca won five trophies, including Treble, as coach.

Samuel Ito
Eto’o, one of Barcelona’s star footballers, started his journey with Real Madrid. Ito, who played for Real Youth, could not last well in Real. He has played for three clubs three times in three seasons, only 3 matches for Real. Mistaking the talent, Real sold Ito to Mallorca. Ito came to the notice of Barca by identifying his own caste. From 2004 to 2009, Deco-Ronaldinho-Ito put together a formidable offensive line. Bar তাদেরa have won two Champions League titles under them since 1994. Ito has scored 130 goals for the Catalans.

Bernard Suster
Another footballer who played first for Barcelona and later for Real Madrid was Bernard Suster. The German midfielder joined Bara in 1970. After spending eight seasons there, he got into trouble and moved to Real. Suster, who won one league at Barca in eight years, came to Real and won two leagues in a row. However, he did not last in Real. He joined Atletico, another enemy of Madrid, in 1990.

George Hagey
The famous Romanian Maradona George Hagee joined Real Madrid in 1990. Even after spending two seasons there, Haji could not show a glimpse of the performance. As a result, he finished the Real chapter early and went to Italy to play for Brescia. After doing well in the 1994 World Cup, the then Barca coach Cruyff brought him to Bara. However, he could not do justice to his name there. Playing in two clubs, he is the only loser who has not won a league title.

Also star players such as Alfredo Di Stefano, Javier Saviola, Joseph Samitier, Julen Lopetegi, Albert Selades, Robert Prosineki and Miguel Solar have fielded for the two arch-rivals. Now it is time to wait to see if Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo joins his one-time arch-rivals Bara. However, Real’s eye-catcher Ronaldo certainly does not want to be the poison in the eyes of Bernabeu fans. 

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