Gerard Pique-Shakira, who sang ‘Waka Waka’ during the 2010 World Cup, ended a decade later on the eve of another World Cup. However, after the separation, the dark aspects of the relationship of this star couple are coming to the fore one by one. For example, Colombian pop star Shakira did not have good relations with her peers and their partners. He even had an argument with Lionel Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo. That is the claim of Spanish journalist Lorena Vasquez.


The most popular star couple of recent times was Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and Colombian pop star Shakira. Even though they are not married, they have lived together for a long time under the same roof. Two children have also been born as a result of the relationship. The ideal example of a happy marriage with white eyes can be said. But what is seen is not always true. Dirty truths are coming out one by one after breaking up the relationship. These two stars were not as happy as the couple thought.


The pop star didn’t have much in common with Gerard Pique’s Barcelona teammates. He even kept a distance with their wives. Spanish journalist Lorena Vasquez broke the news on a recent TV show. He said at the event called El Spectadar that the Barcelona defender’s girlfriend was not comfortable with his club friends. The dictatorial attitude behind which. For this reason, Pik’s friends used to call him secretly – ‘La Pitrana’, which means ‘The Boss’!


The journalist also said that Shakira’s relationship with Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzz was not good. The two even got into an argument a couple of times. The 45-year-old pop star also had a cold war with Pique’s other teammates. He would sit apart from the rest during matches at the Catalan club. He didn’t even usually attend club parties. Lorraine says he did this to keep his’ superstar ‘image intact in front of the players’ wives (wives and girlfriends).


Meanwhile, Shakira’s relationship with Pik is now past. This Colombian beauty is looking for a new person. According to the Daily Mail, a male friend met Shakira while she was on vacation in Miami, USA. Soylab is already on social media in the picture of the two playing in the sea. PK-Shakira’s son Milan was with that unfamiliar man with Shakira at sea. The three were seen swimming with smiling faces.


Although PK-Shakira has had two children Sasha and Milan Shakira since the break-up, PK has not left. Complications have been created anew with child custody.

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