Pakistan Cricket Board chief Ramiz Raja is suffering from security concerns. It has become so obvious that he has to use a bullet proof car to travel from one place to another. Meanwhile, rumors have been circulating that he will lose the post of PCB president. However, Ramiz Raja himself has dismissed it as a rumor.


The issue of political instability in Pakistan is not new. The country’s cricket ground could not escape from its black clutches. This time it had an impact on Pakistan Cricket Board President Ramiz Raja. He has increased his security after receiving threats from various quarters.


in the PCB has been under discussion since the ouster of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Although he is still in good health. However, doubts remain about his safety. He is forced to use a bullet proof car now.


This is the first time in the history of cricket that a cricket board president has been in such a state of security. Pakistan cricket is currently having a good time under him. Even then, the sports people think that it is undesirable for the PCB chief to go through such a situation.


Meanwhile, the name of former PCB president Ehsan Mani is being discussed again amid the complicated situation that has arisen. Many people think that he will be seen as the head of the board again in the second term. Of course, he has expressed such an indication himself.


Whether the day is over or not, Ramiz Raja has to be plagued with questions at different times. He has expressed widespread embarrassment about that. He spoke to the media for about two hours at the last press conference organized by the PCB. Mentioned his contribution as president. At the same time, he has strongly criticized those who want to remove him from the board.



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